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Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation in Cheyney

Mold 365 can remediate all mold and moisture issues at your home or business in Cheyney. Unlike many mold prevention companies that offer varied services, we proudly focus 100% on mold remediation and mold testing.

Our mold remediation specialists are trained and certified to perform mold control. We value professionalism, reliability and open lines of communication with all of our customers. If you are unsure about our services, we offer warranties that will help put your mind at ease. Contact us today at 267-214-0907 to get started.

Mold 365 Services in Cheyney

At Mold 365, our mold remediation process begins with mold inspection and testing and we leave you with mold prevention tips to keep mold out of your property once and for all. Our services include:

Mold Inspection

Our mold inspection process is very efficient at determining whether your home or business has mold development on the property. This process involves mold detection and mold testing to provide the most accurate results for the risks of mold growth.

Mold Remediation

Once we complete mold inspection and testing, we will know if there is any moisture and fungal growth that needs remediation. Mold is commonly found in dark and damp areas, especially in the basement or crawl space. Our mold remediation process will ensure your property is healthy and free of mold.


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Mold Prevention

We offer a mold prevention guide so you can easily identify mold and the reasons it may be growing. This step-by-step guide will help you accurately prevent mold development and allows us to address any areas in your home or office that may be more susceptible to mold contamination.

Mold 365 provides all of our services for both residential and commercial clients.

Contact Mold 365 for Mold Testing & Remediation in Cheyney

Mold 365 will help ease your mind with our mold testing and remediation services in Cheyney. Whether you need a simple inspection or complete mold remediation, you can contact us at 267-214-0907 for help.