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Chad B.
North Wales, PA
December 9, 2019

Findings: Upon inspection we discovered significant mold growth on shower ceiling , walls, floors and caulk . Source was due to poor ventilation Scope of work Set up containment in work area Set up negative air pressure utilizing air scrubbers Remove all material in bathroom bag and dispose offsite Demo down to stud and sub floor Hepa vacuum all surfaces Treat all surfaces with anti microbial If mold stains are present on wood studs encapsulate with anti microbial paint Fog bathroom with anti microbial

Go Puff
Philadelphia, PA
December 6, 2019

Set up containment and negative air pressure with air scrubbers in back staircase area. hepa vac all surfaces throughout the staircase area Clean all surfaces with antimicrobial solution Seal all wood surfaces with clear antimicrobial sealant, will have a slight shine to the finish Leave air scrubbers running for 2-3 days

Reedy, A
Germantown, PA
December 1, 2019

Upon inspection we located a rook leak that was allowing water to flow down the studs in the wall and collect in the master bedroom closet area. We performed a full remediation of the closet area and treated all surfaces for mold growth.

Steve C.
Warminster, PA
November 26, 2019

Set up containment and negative air pressure Remove all water damaged materials, insulation and insulation wall board HEPA Vac all ceiling surfaces Treat all surfaces with antimicrobial Encapsulate all surfaces with antimicrobial paint Clean up work area

King of Prussia, PA
November 15, 2019

Set up containment with negative air pressure using air scrubber. remove sheetrock min of 12 inches beyond growth, approx 4ft x 20ft area behind the desk in stockroom dissemble and dispose of desk offsite HEPA Vac all exposed surfaces Wipe all surfaces with antimicrobial Paint plywood underneath electrical panel with antimicrobial paint

Steve C.
Southampton, PA
August 28, 2019

Mold 365 provided air quality and surface testing before service to determine the type and severity of mold growth in the basement. We removed damaged materials and contents of the basement. Mold 365 provided mold abatement and antimicrobial treatment. We worked to get the basement waterproofed to prevent any future water intrusion.

Ken N.
Warrington, PA

Observations: Due to a recent home inspection and mold testing, Lab results indicate elevated levels of astergillus and chaecomium mold growth. Mold 365 was asked to visually assess the property to determine mold remediation process needed. After further visual inspection throughout the entire property including attic, and all common areas, crawl space; mold growth is present in crawl space and mechanical room floor joists. The following are recommendations to properly re-mediate these areas. Scope of Work: Set up containment with poly walls in work area. Create negative air pressure using air scrubbers. Remove 2 ft by 4 ft section of sheet rock in mechanical room (this step done by homeowners). HEPA vacuum all surfaces, wipe all suspicious growth with microban antimicrobial. Spray all surfaces with antimicrobial. Seal all stains with antimicrobial paint. HEPA vacuum entire work area. Fog the entire work space and HVAC system with antimicrobial. Operate ozone machine for 4 hours in each work area. At completion, remove all containment walls.

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